Servicing customers from Ottawa, east to Montreal and west to Toronto.


Iroquois Enterprises

Manufacturers of New Hardwood or Softwood Pallets & Industrial Wood Products�

Full Pallet Repair & Pallet Recycling Divisions.

Manufacturers of Quality Wood Products since 1958




 Pallet rental

 Boxes and crating

 Modern equipment

 Repair and Recycle facilities

 Stocking agreement available

 24-hour shipping

 Just-In-Time Delivery

 Experienced and motivated employees

 Quality control at every step of the manufacturing process

 Pallet design capabilities using advanced computer software



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Telephone:  1-613-652-4854 

Fax: 1-613-652-2576

P.O. Box 218 - 32 Dundas Street

Iroquois, Ontario

Canada K0E 1K0